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 Tunnel Light Is In Moreno Valley, CA.
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If we have been at all helpful to you please make a tax-deductible donation to Tunnel Light. This would help us help others. Funding is so necessary to keep doing what we do.

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Last updated 20013-03-26

Thank Very much Mayra Fernandez For your Donation.

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Last updated 2007-12-13

Steve Pellini, CSO Manager Receives American Express
Global Volunteer Action Fund Grant for Tunnel Light

"American Express is a contributor to the overall well-being of the community."

CSO's own Steve Pellini recently received an American Express Global Volunteer Action Fund grant in the amount of $700 on behalf of
Tunnel Light Child Advocacy, a national organization that provides advocacy support to families and professionals throughout the country
who are concerned for children who suffer from mental health disorders. Steve supports this organization by providing professional consultation
in how it presents itself to client families, funding sources, etc. Steve and his family have worked with this organization for over four years.

The Global Volunteer Action Fund program rewards employees for their volunteer service and contributes money to nonprofit organizations
based on the volunteer efforts of individual employees or employee teams. Grants awarded for individual applicants will be up to $1,000 and
for teams of two or more applicants' up to $2,500.

A big THANK YOU !  For Steve Pellini,

Last update, 2001-04-14 
Reactive Attachment Disorder. (RAD)Tunnel Light works with children diagnosed with many different mental health diagnoses. Our clients represent the gambit of the listed issues of the DSMIV. We assist in obtaining services for every realm of need that comes to a child living with these needs.


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