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When numerous things on the list are taking place you must give consideration to the fact that you child has a high chance of being involved in occult/cult activity.
 It is important to note that a child who exhibits some of these things on the list could be normal adolescent developmental behaviors.
Either way do more research this is not the definitive site for this topic.
Change in school habits Violent talk or behavior
Abrupt emotional change Self-mutilation
Depression Attempted suicide or any self-destructive behavior  
Disregard for rules or authority Fire setting  
Rejection of old friends.  Develop of many new friends Smells like smoke when they come home.
Excessive secrecy regarding new friends and activity   Fascination with lunar cycles
Obsession with music groups using satanic symbols Tattoos of occult origin  
Obsession with computer time (recommend monitoring) Use of other name only, which may be their magical name  
Obsession with fantasy role playing games   Obsessed with death
Meditation  and or Chanting Deviant sexual activities
 Increase fascination with the third Reich or Nazism. Lack of empathy  
Use of new vocabulary laced with occult/cult slang Involvement in drugs and/or alcohol
Writing or communicating backwards Excessive viewing of horror videos
Strange use of Runic or strange alphabets   Unreasonable paranoia directed toward authority  
School reports, essay or stories which dwell on Satanism Loss of humor  
Bizarre events   Black fingernails  
Refusal to disclose whereabouts when absent from home   Black eyeliner around the eyes
Satanic symbols on books, papers White make-up  
Possession of satanic/cult paraphernalia   Dyed black hair  
Posters of satanic groups   Black clothing  
Books on Satanism, black magic or witchcraft   Bedroom becomes off limits to parents  

Remember that a teen that exhibits some of these characteristics does not mean they are deeply involved if at all in the occult belief systems.
I cannot stress enough you need to sit down and talk with your teen.   When you do this have an open mind.  Be ready to hear anything and not get angry or have a hot temper reaction.  If you don’t talk to your kids they will not talk to you.

I would love to say that I put this list together but I did not I must give credit ware it is due the two wonderful people who did this list are Hellen J. Carter M.S. and Katherine S. Whitlow, M.A., M.F.T.  My thanks to them for they’re hard work in the book Occult Crime and Ritual Abuse.
I hope this information will help you communicate with your child to find out " Where they are at" as they say.
In are searches we have found many web sites that are biased "note that closed minded research results in a lack of true knowledge gained" Please research with an open mind.



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